Mount Mercy University


Meet NAO

Photo of NAO and studentPhoto of NAO and students

NAO is an autonomous, programmable humanoid robot developed by Aldebaran Robotics. NAO features an inertial
measurement unit with accelerometer, gyrometer and four ultrasonic sensors that provide him with stability and
positioning within space. He is capable of walking, dancing, answering student's questions and more!

Robotic Puppies

Photo of robot puppies and studentsPhoto of robot puppy

Girls will be able to create their own programs for a lego robotic dog.


Photo of crypto1Photo of crypto2

Different methods of breaking encrypted messages will be taught throughout the course.


sample scratch programPhoto of students using scratch

AnimationScratch teaches the basics of computer programming in fun and interactive way! Each student will be able to
create their own animations, games, and fun stories.


Photo of photo of students using sketchPadsample scratch program

Using Geometer SketchPad, girls will be exposed to beautiful aspects of Euclidean geometry and create their own masterpieces.