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The MMU Athletics App is your resource to see the latest and upcoming athletic events involving Mount Mercy University. This application is to keep fans updated. It provides information on the location, date, and time for each event. The events are conveniently sorted into gender and sports categories. Scores are shown for past events. MMU Athletics is easy to navigate and frequently updated to assure the best experience for its users. Keep in the loop by adding this Free App to your Android Device from the Google Play Store for easy access to information on events in the coming week. For full details on the Mount Mercy Athletic Department and its events, visit www.mountmercymustangs.com.

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In conjunction with the Nursing Department, over 30,000 lines of code were written for a Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Web application that simulates a realistic electronic health care system. This web application is used by the Nursing Department to train the nursing students. The project was named "Linda," in honor of the late Linda Groepper who was an Associate Professor of Nursing and Director of the Clinical Simulation Laboratory. Linda was developed by the Senior Class of 2012 and is now a common tool for the Nursing Department.



Students are also actively developing CER (Clinical Evaluation and Report System) for Mount Mercy University's Nursing Department. CER is a web based application providing a front end to a SQL Server that aids the Nursing Staff with their evaluations of their students. The web application was written with a combination of PHP, HTML, and Javascript. Students also set up a virtual computer to house a webserver that hosts CER. CER was designed by the Senior Class of 2013.


Rocks Cluster

Computer clusters are supercomputers, containing many individual processors networked together to perform large scale computationally intensive algorithms. Ever wonder what it would be like to program a supercomputer? We have in the Computer Science lab a Computer cluster, or "Beowulf Cluster" installed and configured by students here on campus. Our cluster consists of one primary node and four compute nodes. The operating system is a specially tailored Linux Distribution for High Performance Computing (HPC) known as Rocks Cluster. Students are encouraged to learn to develop in a parallel programming environment obtaining the skills necessary to code for supercomputers in research or government settings. With the onset of multicore personal computers and even multicore embedded devices, learning to develop for concurrent application architectures is a necessary skill for any student entering into the field of Computer Science.