CS Lab

The Lab Computers

Mount Mercy University provides their Computer Science department with an exclusive laboratory designed specifically for the needs of CS Majors. The Computer Science lab contains twenty-two Dell Optiplex towers all outfitted with first generation Intel i3 Processors hosting 64bit Operating Systems and applications. Their lab machines dual boot Windows 7 for students seeking a familiar desktop environment and Fedora 18 (Linux) for students comfortable in a more technical environment. Home directories are all hosted on file-share server; allowing students to migrate freely around the lab while consistently maintaining access to their data. The CS Laboratory is configured for remote access. This means that students are able to log in to the University laboratory from anywhere; allowing them to work on important assignments offsite or retrieve needed material. Their labs are configured with several development environments offering students a great degree of flexibility as they master their field of study.
Take a virtual tour of the Computer Science lab.


The Computer Science Lab also houses a Smart Board 680 from SMART Technologies. This clever piece of hardware behaves similarly to a standard projector, but allows both Students and Professors to dynamically interact with the content on the display, thus altering presentation material in real time. Picture a white board with the functionality of a tablet or touch screen device. It is a real force multiplier in educational productivity. For example if a student has a question during a lecture involving a Power Point presentation, the Instructor can annotate the presentation content in real time, ensuring key concepts are clear for students when they access the material again later during their studies. When paired with the smaller class sizes offered by Mount Mercy, the Smartboard gives Instructors another way to cater material to their individual Students; maximizing their potential for success. This is a powerful enhancement for the learning environment compared to the chalk board norm of common lecture halls.

Parallel Processing Cluster

Mount Mercy Computer Science has recently installed a highly parallel processing cluster for use in high performance computing classes and research. The system consists of two ‘nodes’ : a head node (TheMatrix) and a compute node(Zion001).

Each node contains:
- 4 AMD Opteron 6320 8-core processors at 2.8 GHz
- 64 GB of ECC DDR3 RAM
- 2 TB Mirrored Hard Disk space

The combined cluster nodes total 64 cores and 4 TB of data storage. Power conditioning and protection are provided by a Tripplite Smart 2200 UPS.